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              Talent Concept

              Talent Concept

              T & S

              Enterprise’s spirit: elaborate creation; afflatus Using skillfully;

              Enterprise’s tenet: Seeking for top-quality, classical brand top enterprise;

              Enterprise’s stragies: Focusing on quality while centering in market;

              Enterprise’s merit: every staff in Qixing shipping achieving enterprise’s self-valuation, on-going seeking for enterprises’ stragies target realization;

              Running principles: Being honest; doing earnest;

              Management rules: Perfecting doing by rules; Centering terms by kindness;

              Qaulity guidelines: Living on quality; Creating brand by quality; Developing by quality;

              Market competition, sympathy for the weak, innovation.

              Talent’s philosophy: Ensuring everyone has his own ideal space for dreams via basing on talents

              Qaulity philosophy: Quality is the only one beyond top-important for Qixing shipping;

              Marketing philosophy: Creating brilliant future with you, realizing win-win;

              Services philosophy: Qixing shipping will be always at your side;

              Your Ever-lasting Satisfaction, Our Life-long Pursuit !

              No Focused Will, No Professional Skill.

              The market is the sea, the enterprise is a boat, quality is the fan, who is the helmsman

              Guarantee of the quality is the key, can't play the market regulation

              For a customer is not easy, losing a customer is very simple

              Manufacturers have to rely on low-cost, high-quality competition to rely on